Love music on vinyl? Join the Club.

The LCC Vinyl Record Club was formed to create connections through the power of music with an emphasis on sharing vinyl record collections, favorites and information. The Club will also focus on turntable operation and maintenance. All are invited to join President Robinson to explore the world through vinyl music.

Join the LCC Vinyl Record Club (VRC)

Join the club if you love the sound of music on vinyl and want to meet and engage with others who feel the same.

Students, faculty and staff are invited to join President Robinson for a monthly meeting to share your favorite albums and hear others!

The VRC also focuses on turn table set-up, operation and maintenance. Meetings are held in the Adult Resource Center (ARC), Room 2302 in the StarZone on the second floor of the Gannon Building on the Downtown Campus.


“Vinyl Record” by Thomªs is licensed under CC BY 2.

Gannon Building Exterior


Gannon Building Exterior, Kevin Fowler, LCC Photographer

Meetings: Summer Schedule Announced!

The VRC meets monthly in the Adult Resource Center (ARC), Room 2302 in the back of the Gannon Building StarZone on LCC’s Downtown Campus.

2022 – 2023 VRC Student Officers

Tyler Reck – President

Jacob Zokvic – Treasurer

Simon Medina – Secretary

Spring 2023 VRC Playlist

Click here for a compiled list of all of the songs shared and played at the VRC’s March 23rd meeting.

Video Series: Setting up the Vinyl Record Club Crash Cart with Club Advisor Steve Robinson